Ascent to Olympus – 2.911m


Ascent to the Mountain of the Gods at 2.911m (All Inclusive)

Do you want to climb to the mountain of the gods? Now people with disabilities have access to the second highest peak of Mount Olympus! With special adapted vehicles which are available by the Health Guardians and under the care of skilled escorts, people with disabilities will enjoy the view from the second highest peak of Mount Olympus, Skoleio at 2.911m.

  • Duration: 5 days.
  • Preparation: three days with the special wheelchair to Μount “Hortiatis”, at Thessaloniki.
  • Accommodation for the preparation: Refuge of Hortiatis.
  • Implementation: 1 day ascent & 1 day descent.
  • Accommodation to Mount Olympus: Emergency Shelter called Christakis.
  • Provided equipment: Off road wheelchair.
  • Other benefits: Escort group, full healthcare support, and full alimentation.
  • Level of difficulty: Very difficult.
  • Field risk: No hazards.
  • Highlight: The sense of freedom you feel when you reach 2.911m, making a plunge in history and in the myths of ancient Greece.
  • The route is possible only if the weather conditions permit it.
  • The ascent might be postponed for as many days as necessary in bad weather conditions.
  • The program is directed to people with paraplegia up to 100Kg. , who have a good physical condition.
  • For your reservation contact us at least one month earlier.
  • Accessible WC (portable).
  • Possibility of visiting the sights of Thessaloniki.
  • The program is formed from the preferences of each person involved.
  • It does not include transportation to / from Thessaloniki.
  • Possibility of a friend / family member’s participation, of the participant.800px-Mytikas


Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece known worldwide mainly for its mythological context, as its peak (Mytikas- 2,918 m.) was inhabited by the Twelve “Olympian” Gods according to the religion of ancient Greeks.

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